Why Casa Viva?

Children Need a Safe Place to Sleep Tonight

Casa Viva exists because something precious and holy has been shattered—the family—and a response is needed. Casa Viva believes our solutions need to resonate with hope—hope in a God who calls each child by name.

Children Need a Living Connection

Casa Viva is passionate about children, and we’re passionate about family. We exist because we believe our first response to children separated from their families should always be a living family and their community of relationships. We believe a living family offers to a child what he desperately needs—attachment and connection within circles of care.

We Must Expand Our Capacity

Casa Viva exists because we’re not winning. The statistics of children at risk are grim and dark. Our current efforts as a Christian community are a small drop in a big bucket. We believe God longs to see His children protected by families within His church around the world.

The Local Church is the
Hope of the World

The local church has the capacity to engage and be the solution for children in their communities. We do not have to build buildings, we need only create a way for the local church to engage. Local Christian families need to be encouraged to open their front doors and welcome the guest in the name of Christ.

Living connections to family and community.

Authentic in-country solutions that build capacity.

The local church making a difference in the neighborhood.

Connections. Capacity. The Church.

The world would never be the same.

Casa Viva Mission
EducateEngage Equip Encourage

We will EDUCATE our local and international partners on the need for familiy based care.