Casa Viva Multiplication

Around the world people have committed their lives to working with children from difficult situations.  Precious few of those people have been able to document and multiply their work.  This means that resources, manuals, trainings and conferences specifically designed for projects caring for children 24/7 are difficult to find.  Casa Viva is committed to changing that. Our desire is to impact the wide spectrum of care, always moving children closer to family.

The Casa Viva Model

The solutions for children are as unique as the children themselves.  Casa Viva understands the complexity of this issue.  Our manuals and trainings offer an in depth look at the six key players in our model.

Casa Viva Children
Their Biological Families
Casa Viva Churches
Casa Viva Families
Casa Viva Professionals
The Local Government

The Casa Viva Way

The Casa Viva Way is an introductory seminar to train professionals who will implement the Casa Viva Model. This seminar gives a broad introduction to the Biblical basis, the Casa Viva philosophy and the methodology of our model.  Once professionals have completed the introductory seminar, they begin work in one of three certification tracks: Holistic Care, Development or Administration.

The Ten Tasks

The Ten Tasks Seminar introduces the basic concepts of Casa Viva and answers the question “What must we do to successfully place our first child in a home?”   Participants leave with ten practical steps, including a development plan, a calendar, a budget and fund raising strategies.  Topics include engaging the local church and national government, preparing and supporting families, training the professional support staff and more.  The seminar consists of classroom time and interaction with Casa Viva staff, families, children and churches in Costa Rica.

Interested in Bringing Family Based Care to Your Area?

Are you interested in starting a Casa Viva style ministry? Are you interested in expanding the care alternatives provided by your orphanage or children’s ministry?

For 2012, Casa Viva is offering the following seminars and ministry consulting services:

The Ten Tasks of Casa Viva

The Casa Viva Way

Casa Viva Ministry Consulting

Read more about Casa Viva’s Seminars and Consulting Here.

Casa Viva Mission
EducateEngage Equip Encourage

We will EQUIP the solution with excellent resources, workshops, conferences and support.