The Casa Viva Field Outpost – A New Project from the Greenhouse

We’re standing on the edge of a whole new world. Caring for children and families through the local church, encouraging local families to become the first and primary response, this is the new frontier. The pathways through the hurt and pain of broken families and ecosystems are narrow and steep. Out in the wilderness, everything connects to everything else, and we would be wise to ask generous questions, listen more, learn new vocabulary, and glean ancient wisdom.

Our Field Outpost is under construction because wondering and wandering travelers tend to gather in strategic places—they stock up on supplies, get a wheel fixed, they like to circle around the fires with a tin cup of hot coffee in their hands. We’re out at the edge of the wilderness, and together, we simply must continue the dialogue around the deeper issues – the swirling dust and commotion that is weaving in and out of the growing orphan movement. At the Field Outpost, we don’t know all the answers, but we know how to brew the coffee, we know what we would like to discuss, and we know that we’re better together. We’re going to explore this wild and vast terrain, and you are more than welcome to join us.


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Casa Viva Mission
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We will ENCOURAGE a worldwide response that considers family first.